Lands & Environment

The Department of Lands and Environment is responsible for regional environmental management and resource development. The department has direct responsibility for management of 106,360 square kilometres of Inuit-Owned Lands (IOL). The department is also responsible for license and lease issuance, inspections, and leads KIA’s participation in environmental regulatory processes, including those administered by the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) and the Nunavut Water Board (NWB).

KIA’s current Director of Lands and Environment is Geoff Clark.

Overview of Inuit Owned Lands (IOL)

The Nunavut Agreement gave the Inuit title to lands measuring about 350,000 square kilometres (of the total area of Nunavut of 1.9 million square kilometres), of which about 35,000 square kilometres include mineral rights. These lands are collectively known as ‘Inuit Owned Lands’ or IOL, and make Nunavut Inuit one of the largest private landowners in the world.

Much of this privately-owned land is in areas with high potential for mineral development. This land is a significant opportunity for Inuit if it is managed properly. The KIA, as a Designated Inuit Organization (DIO) under the Nunavut Agreement, seeks to optimize opportunities and manage liabilities that are inherent with being a private landowner.