About Us

The KIA is a democratically elected not-for-profit society that represents the Inuit of the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut. Through careful management of lands in our trust we can ensure economic development in the Kitikmeot Region provides direct benefits to our people while minimizing the impact on our culture and traditional way of life. By providing training and economic development assistance we can ensure our people have the opportunities in education, employment and entrepreneurship to take a dynamic and active role in our future.


KIA is an organization that manages lands and resources that support traditional and cultural values, and provide economic and social benefits to Kitikmeot Inuit. Through our efforts, Inuit have a strong sense of pride and identify, pursue higher education, and speak and write our Inuit language.


To manage Kitikmeot Inuit lands and resources to protect and promote the social, cultural, political, environmental and economic well-being of Kitikmeot Inuit..